Jalü offers workshops and courses in meditation, mindfulness and foundational Buddhism live online, face to face and in recorded courses you can complete "at your own pace". The workshops and courses offered live online and face to face for 2020are listed below. The workshops and courses offered at your own pace (pre-recorded videos and audio) are listed HERE. Call 0431 185 312 for more information.

All Year

Weekly Meditation Group

Contact us to join the free live online meditation classes, which are held using Zoom every Monday at 10am (Australian Eastern Standard Time). After meditation there is a question and answer session .

Monthly Study Group Seminars

Contact us to join the free live online seminars, which are held using Zoom. For the rest of 2020 the topics are:

  1. Impermanence (8th November)
  2. Śūnyatā or Emptiness (22nd November)
  3. Buddha Nature (27th December)

Recordings of past seminars are available for free HERE


The Dawn of Freedom 

Self-Liberation in the Bardos

A Dharma Seminar

2:00pm - 4:00pm

Sunday 15th November 2020

Theatrette, Brisbane Square Library

266 George Street,Brisbane City

The Time Zone is Brisbane, Australia. Check the Time Zone Converter to work out the time in your locality.

If there is even the slightest recognition,
liberation [in the bardos] is easy.
— Karma Lingpa

In Tibetan Buddhism, a bardo is an intermediate or transitional state, a liminal state between each moment; between each thought, between sleeping and waking, between life and rebirth. There are six bardos: life, dreaming, meditation, dying, luminosity and becoming (or rebirth). Each of the bardos is an opportunity for the Buddhist practitioner to recognise the true nature of mind and absolute reality. The greatest opportunity is in the bardo of dying, in which all of the constraints of the body and dualistic mind fall away, providing a profound opportunity for total liberation. In this seminar, Pema Düddul will draw on a  brief bardo teaching by the great Dzogchen master Longchenpa (1308–1364) to illuminate how we can seize the opportunity of the bardos in our everyday life.


Brisbane Event

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